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About Us

Empowering our LGBTQ+ Community through supportive services and awareness since 1988.

The Pride That Has Gotten Us Here

Our Story.

Our Mission

Empowering Our LGBTQ+ Community Through Supportive Services and Awareness.

Our Vision

Grand Rapids Pride Center aims to be the center of a vibrant and inclusive community that supports all LGBTQ+ individuals.

Our Team

A non-binary person smiling in front of a rainbow structure

Jazz McKinney, MA, LLP, they/them

Executive Director
(616)458-3511 x101/

A non-binary person smiling in front of a rainbow structure

Leslie Boker, they/them

Healthcare Coordinator
(616)-458-3511 x104 /

Aaminah Shakur, they/them

Accessibility Coordinator/ Healthcare Coordinator
(616)-458-3511 x104 /

Cheyanne Killin, she/her

Healthcare Coordinator
(616)-458-3511 x104 /

Sarah Brant, she/they

Development Manager
(616)-458-3511 x103 /

Board of Directors

Anne Hertl, she/her

Board President

Lucy Dyer Joswick, she/her

Board Treasurer

Caleb Woodard, he/him

Board Secretary

Koleta Moore, she/her

Board of Directors

Chief Ewing, he/him/they/them

Board of Directors, TGNC Advisory Committee Chair

Dana Vogg, they/them

Board of Directors

Brianne Hubbard-Ross, she/her

Board of Directors

Kristen Wilson, she/her

Board of Directors



Our Sponsors are made up of individuals and organizations who want to support our mission. “Empowering our LGBTQ community through supportive services and awareness.” By sponsoring Grand Rapids Pride Center, they help keep the doors open and make a difference in the lives of thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people.