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Grand Rapids Pride Center

Therapy Assistance Program

It’s OK to not be ok.

we can help.

In response to the increased need for mental health services for LGBTQ+ individuals, the Grand Rapids Pride Center and River City Psychological Services have partnered to offer free therapy to our Grand Rapids LGBTQ+ community.

Initial funding provided by the Heart of West Michigan United Way’s Coronavirus Response Fund, the Therapy Assistance Program will match LGBTQ+ individuals with a therapist, chosen by program participants. Therapy sessions are completely free, ensuring that LGBTQ+ individuals have access to safe and affirming mental health support, allowing them to achieve their highest level of wellness.

A partnership between the Grand Rapids Pride Center and River City Psychological Services.

How It Works.

Therapy Access Program

The Therapy Access Program is designed to connect LGBTQ+ individuals with local safe and affirming therapists, offering up to 5 tele-therapy sessions at no cost to program participants.

During the application process, participants will have the opportunity to read bios of available therapists and choose the two preferred therapists they would like to work with. We’ll send application information to the therapist and they will contact participants directly to set up therapy access. Throughout the process, our Health Equity staff will be available to assist with intake paperwork and program navigation.

If at any time during therapy a participant feels they need to change therapists, please contact our Health Equity team at or 616-458-3511 x104

This program is designed for LGBTQ+ individuals who have no insurance or no access to insurance, cannot use the insurance they have through a parent or partner or no means to privately pay for therapy. 

Co-Pay Assistance Program

The Co-Pay Assistance Program is designed to ensure that any LGBTQ+ individual can access mental health services. Recognizing that even though an individual may have insurance, the cost of co-pays often present barriers for LGBTQ+ folk accessing therapy. The program will cover co-pay costs up to $40 per session for up to 12 sessions. Participants can already be working with a therapist of their choice, or the Grand Rapids Pride Center can help connect them with one.

Prior to completing the Co-Pay Assistance Program application, applicants should (1) have a therapist that takes their insurance that they’re already working with or one they would like to work with, or be open to getting connected with one and (2) confirm with the therapist they’re working with/would like to work with that they would be OK with invoicing the Grand Rapids Pride Center the co-pay costs for 12 sessions.

Program participants will usually have insurance that covers the cost of therapy and need assistance in paying the co-pay required by their insurance.

The first step in accessing either program is to complete the Grand Rapids Pride Center’s Therapy Assistance Program application (link available below). Our staff will respond acknowledging receipt of your application. If you need assistance completing your application, or know someone who needs assistance or may not have access to a device to complete their application, please contact our Health Equity team at or 616-458-3511 x104

Our 2022 TAP application is now open!

We stand ready to connect applicants with LGBTQ-affirming therapists, and offer support for therapy or co-pays as needed to help with financial burden. If you used the program in 2020 or 2021 and still need assistance, feel free to re-apply.

Funding for the Therapy Assistance Program Provided by: