En Femme (femme identified crossdresser) Group

A safe and social space for Crossdressers.

About En Femme

GR Pride Center’s Crossdresser social and support group, providing a safe and welcoming environment for those who wish to express their feminine side, engage in camaraderie, and share experiences. Fem dress required. For individuals 21 years of age and older.

We believe that by integrating our masculine and feminine traits, we will become happier, healthier, and more contented individuals. We endeavor to educate fellow crossdressers and their families. We seek to move them toward self-acceptance. We also wish to educate society on the whole towards the acceptance of crossdressers, trans women, and gender non-conforming individuals.

We believe that forming strong relationships with like-minded persons is critical for the personal development of crossdressers, transgender women, and other gender non-conforming persons. We seek to be the conduit for the growth of such relationships.


6 PM- 9 PM
1st and 3rd Fridays


For more information:
Call: (616) 458-3511
Email: info@grpride.org

We Strive to provide:


We help foster acceptance for all, wherever they find themselves on the gender continuum.


We support those struggling with their gender identity, and help their families to accept their gender non-conformity.


We support all persons in the expression of their gender identity and help them enhance their presentation.


We endeavor to be good ambassadors for the LGBTQ community, and work to break down the barriers faced by, and widen the opportunities available to, gender variant persons.


We have fun, while being visible to the general public in the community. We take our positive example to places which might not typically be experiencing such diversity.

Why We Do What We Do

According to Wikipedia: “Cross-dressing has been practiced throughout much of recorded history and in many societies. A reasonable number of historical figures are known to have cross-dressed to varying degrees and for a variety of reasons. There is a rich history of cross-dressing found in folklore, literature, theater, and music. Some people cross-dress as a matter of comfort or style, out of personal preference for clothing associated with another gender.

The actual determination of cross-dressing is largely socially constructed. The general culture has very mixed views about cross-dressing. A woman who wears her husband’s shirt to bed is considered attractive while a man who wears his wife’s nightgown to bed may be considered contemptible. All this may result from an overall gender role rigidity for males.

Because of the prevalent gender dynamic throughout the world, men frequently encounter discrimination when deviating from masculine gender norms.” A large percentage of persons who feel the desire to dress across gender barriers, have done so for most of, or all of their lives. Due to societal expectations, the majority of these individuals carry this desire in secret. They feel alone and guilty for their desires. They fear ridicule and rejection, even by their friends and family, if their secret was to be revealed. For some, there is the additional burden of feeling like they have a body (outside) that does not match their self-image (inside).

Are allies welcome? Unfortunately No. We ask that only those who identify with this group attend GRPC’s Crossdresser, as this is a safe space with no pressure on group members to educate others about their identities. For the OUTings, yes. Any significant other of a group member is welcome.

For more information about the Cressdresser group, please email Amy Pond at amy.pond@grpride.org