32 Years of Pride

Empowering Our Community

SINCE 1988.

Returning from the March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights on October 11, 1987, a small group from West Michigan set course to make a change. On May 9, 1988 the Lesbian & Gay Community Network of Western Michigan (what is now the Grand Rapids Pride Center) was officially recognized as a 501(c)3 non-profit. With the mission of creating safe and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ folk in West Michigan, “The Network” and those who worked so hard to create it set in motion what is now 32 years of empowering our LGBTQ+ community.

Today, the Grand Rapids Pride Center (GRPC) serves approximately 2,500 persons per year, including approx. 50 young people each week, through its 11 social & support groups, health access programs, community education & trainings, community partnerships, and advocacy initiatives.

As our community was forced to change in response to COVID-19, GRPC evolved its programming to offer virtual social & support groups, remote health access services, a community check-in line and educational opportunities.

Social & Support Groups

Offering 11 Social & Support groups, GRPC works to create spaces for all members of the West Michigan LGBTQ+ Community. Our oldest group, Youth Group, has been offering a safe environment for LGBTQ+ youth since 1989 and hosts approximately 50 young people per week. Additional social & support groups include Young Adult, Trans Youth Group, Mens Group, Womyns Group and others!  Click here to learn about our Social & Support groups. 

Proud To Be Healthy

In 2018, the Grand Rapids Pride Center launched its Proud To Be Healthy health services program aimed at decreasing the disparities associated with LGBTQ individuals accessing quality services needed in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. This includes helping LGBTQ+ folk in finding safe & affirming health services, mental health services,  housing, healthy foods, and wellness programs.  Click here to learn more about Proud To Be Healthy. 

Educating Our Community

Our vision at GRPC is to be at the center of a vibrant and inclusive community that supports all LGBTQ+ individuals. One way we do this is through training and educational opportunities for West Michigan individuals, businesses, and organizations. By creating inclusive and educated work and social spaces, we are creating healthy places for LGTBQ+ individuals to live, work, socialize and love. Click here to learn more about our training process and how to request/attend a training. 

Our goal is $3200. 100% of your donation will support the work and mission of the Grand Rapids Pride Center.

$3200 for 32 Years. Help Us Empower Your LGBTQ+ Community. **TOTAL FUNDS RAISED:$3,802.00**

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The Grand Rapids Pride Center aims to be at the center of a vibrant and inclusive community that supports all LGBTQ individuals.