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Grand Rapids Pride Center’s

Therapy Assistance Program

It’s OK to not be ok.

we can help.

In response to the ever-increasing need for mental health resources for 2-SLGBTQ+ individuals, and during constant cuts to resources in our larger community, the Grand Rapids Pride Center has committed to finding ways to increase access to therapy for 2-SLGBTQ+ community members. Thus was born the Therapy Assistance Program (TAP).

Initial funding provided by the Heart of West Michigan United Way’s Coronavirus Response Fund, the TAP will match LGBTQ+ individuals with a therapist, chosen by program participants. Therapy sessions are completely free, ensuring that LGBTQ+ individuals have access to safe and affirming mental health support, allowing them to achieve their highest level of wellness.

A partnership between the Grand Rapids Pride Center and River City Psychological Services.

How It Works.

TAP has four components:

  1. Assistance finding a suitable & affirming therapist, for those who can afford one but simply need someone who is LGBTQ+ affirming, safe, &/or who takes their insurance.
  2. Assistance with covering co-pays* for therapy for those with insurance who cannot afford the copays. In this case, we can also assist clients with finding a therapist or pay the co-pays for their existing therapist. This option will pay co-pays up to $45 per session for up to 12 sessions.
  3. Assistance with covering the cost of therapy* for those who are uninsured or underinsured, who cannot access their insurance coverage for therapy due to privacy reasons, or who have a large deductible that needs to be utilized before the copay kicks in & therefore do not have access to therapy at all due to the cost. In this case, we can, again, assist clients with finding a therapist or pay for therapy with their existing therapist. This option pays for five (5) appointments at full price, at no cost to the participant.
  4. Assistance with access needs for therapy, such as helping with transportation or paying for internet access for a session.

*There is an annual cap on services, per calendar year, due to funding limits and great need. Clients are strongly encouraged to reapply annually to continue to receive this support as needed.

If at any time during therapy a participant feels they need to change therapists, please contact our Health Equity team at or 616-458-3511 x104

Grand Rapids Pride Center has a partnership with River City Psychological Services and is happy to connect clients with available therapists at River City upon completion of the TAP application. If clients have an existing therapist or another therapist in mind that they would like to work with, they can note that therapist on the application so that we can contact them to ensure they are open to new clients, willing to invoice Grand Rapids Pride Center for the number of qualifying sessions, and will accept our payment terms.

To obtain support, the first step is to fill out the TAP application below. The Health Equity Team can assist with further intake paperwork from the therapy office, if you want to change your therapist at any time, or if there is additional support you need. We can be reached at or (616) 458-3511 ext. 104.

Our 2023 TAP application is now open!

We stand ready to connect applicants with LGBTQ-affirming therapists, and offer support for therapy or co-pays as needed to help with financial burden. If you used the program before and still need assistance, feel free to re-apply.

Funding for the Therapy Assistance Program Provided by: