Casual, supportive social group for GBTQ men. 

GR Pride Center’s, GBTQ+ Men’s Social Group has three main goals. To create a welcoming atmosphere free of judgement that inspires open and honest conversation. Forge new friendships outside of bars, clubs, phone apps and the “dating scene.” And, provide a diverse array of perspective by welcoming all gay/bi/trans/questioning men ages 18 to 118.

The social group is casual and follows a loose format, starting with the question, “Did anyone come here today with the specific intention to ask a question or share an experience with the group?” If no one wishes to share at first, we will “warm up” by doing a round of get-to-know-you questions such as: “If you could be born in a different era which would you choose and why?” or “What are you afraid of?” Just to get the group more comfortable with speaking. Group members can choose to answer the question, skip, or ask the group a question that they have made up on their own. This pattern will continue until a topic “sticks” so feel free to interject if you find a topic interesting or want to elaborate.

This group is open to any person who identifies as male.

Are allies welcome? Unfortunately No. We ask that only those who identify as GBTQ attend the Men’s Social Group as this is a safe space with no pressure on group members to educate others about their identities. 

Join the Facebook group here.  Anyone that finds the group page online can see that you are a member, however only members can see posts and events.

If you would like to schedule a tour and/or meeting before you attend the group, please reach out to us at (616)458-3511. We want to make sure everyone who attends group feels safe and is comfortable.

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