Tailored to your business or service, Grand Rapids Pride Center will provide a balance of structured training and discussion. We aim to create an environment that allows frank questions and conversation, challenges preconceived or institutionalized biases, and encourages internal reflection and forward-thinking action. Our goal in the trainings we provide is to offer a space for your staff to ask all of the questions they've been too uncomfortable to ask or maybe haven't been able to find the right person to ask! 



  1. What we like to do first is meet with you and your team! We want to get a good idea of your organization, what you do, and what you need from us. 
  2. We'll then spend some time (we'll need at least 1-2 weeks for most trainings) to get your training customized to your needs. 
  3. We come to you! On the agreed upon training date, we'll arrive with enough time to get set up and make sure the environment is conducive to a comfortable learning atmosphere! 
  4. We'll leave you and your team with our contact information in case there are any follow up questions. 
  5. After the training, you'll get a survey from your trainer asking how we did and anything we can do to improve our training process.  



Our suggested donation for organization is $300 per training. This includes the consultation meeting, your customized training, the actual training and any follow-up assistance you may need. This fee is applicable for up to 2 hours of training and a max of 25 people. 

Training fees are used to cover the cost of our staff's time as we plan your training with you, the actual training, and any follow-up assistance you may need. 


For groups larger than 25 people or to schedule multiple trainings, please call (616)458-3511 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please note that we do recommend a minimum of 30 days notice when scheduling so that we may provide the best possible training experience for you and your team! 




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