WHAT: The Grand Rapids Pride Center offers a comprehensive training session for community members, organizational leaders, front-line staff, contractors and/or other stakeholders, to help you become an ally to our LGBTQ community and also help organizations create and maintain a welcoming, safe and supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community members.

WHY: In an increasingly inclusive, global and interconnected world, it’s essential for community members and organizations recognize and understand sexual and gender diversity, and to treat our family, friends, co-workers, LGBTQ staff, customers and other stakeholders with sensitivity and respect.

WHERE: We offer trainings at our location in Eastown (click here to register) or we can come to your location to do trainings with your group or business! Click here to request a training! For one-on-one sessions or small groups (5 people or less) we invite you to visit our Eastown facility.



  • The necessary foundation and tools to become culturally competent
  • A better understanding of the benefits of creating inclusive environments
  • Practical tools to reduce misunderstanding and encourage positive relationships
  • Awareness and understanding of unique challenges faced by the LGBTQ community
  • Complete review of and suggestions ensuring your marketing, employee documents, handbook, and SOP are inclusive. (Additional Fee)



Anyone looking to be an ally to a family member, friend, neighbor or to the community as a whole! If your ogranization serves a customer/client population that includes lesbian, gay, transgender or queer people, your organization will benefit from displaying a clear level of recognition and respect to these audiences. That in turn will generate a higher degree of appreciation, engagement and loyalty. Whatever the purpose or mission of your organization, showing respect to your client base benefits everyone involved.

  • Any community member looking to become more informed and educated on how to be an ally. 
  • Organization Leaders: VPs, Directors, Managers
  • Front Line Staff: Customer Service Reps, Sales Staff, Care Providers
  • Social Service Providers: Intake Staff, Interviewers, Social Workers
  • Health Care Workers: Providers, RNs, Nursing Assistants, EMT Workers, Equipment Technicians
  • Hospitality Workers: Restaurant Staff, Hotel Staff, Transportation Workers
  • HR Staff: Recruiters, Employee Relations Specialists, HR Business Partners
  • Any group with LGBTQ members


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