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About Us

Empowering our LGBTQ+ Community through supportive services and awareness since 1988.

The Pride That Has Gotten Us Here

Our Story.

Our Mission

Empowering Our LGBTQ+ Community Through Supportive Services and Awareness.

Our Vision

Grand Rapids Pride Center aims to be the center of a vibrant and inclusive community that supports all LGBTQ+ individuals.

Our Team


A non-binary person smiling in front of a rainbow structure

Jazz McKinney, MA, LLP, they/them

Executive Director
(616)458-3511 x101/

Sarah Brant, she/they

Development Manager
(616)-458-3511 x103 /

Cheyanne Killin, she/her

Healthcare Coordinator
(616)-458-3511 x104 /

Aaminah Shakur, they/them

Accessibility Coordinator/ Healthcare Coordinator
(616)-458-3511 x104 /

Cassidy Davis, she/they

Assistant Development Manager
(616)-458-3511  /

Fern, she/they

Therapy Dog


Saraha Chamberlain, she/her

MSW Intern
(616)458-3511 /

Lauren Burnell, they/them

MSW Intern
(616)458-3511 /

Courtney DeLongchamp, she/her

MSW intern
(616)458-3511 /

Jaimee Ackley, they/them

BSW intern
(616)458-3511 /

Board of Directors

Anne Hertl, she/her

Board President

Lucy Dyer Joswick, she/her

Board Treasurer

Caleb Woodard, he/him

Board Secretary

Koleta Moore, she/her

Board of Directors

Chief Ewing, he/him/they/them

Board of Directors, TGNC Advisory Committee Chair

Dana Vogg, they/them

Board of Directors

Eleanor Moreno, she/they

Board of Directors

Kristen Wilson, she/her

Board of Directors

Marshall Kilgore, he/him

Board of Directors