Honoring 2-SLGBTQ+ heroes

About GRPC's Prism Awards

About GRPC's Prism Awards

The Grand Rapids Pride Center invites the Greater Grand Rapids community to nominate individuals and groups who are dedicated to serving and supporting the 2-SLGBTQ+ community in West Michigan and honor those who have gone above and beyond to create a strong, vibrant, and inclusive 2-SLGBTQ+ community.

Award Categories

We are hosting our 3rd annual Prism Awards on September 2024 – an opportunity to celebrate and showcase our community’s collective impact. This signature event will also help support the essential programs and services we offer.

Individual Award: Agitator

As a seeker of justice, this individual is continually fighting against systems of oppression to make West Michigan a more inclusive and welcoming place.

  • 2022: Sam Przyblyski
  • 2023: Nikita Miner
Individual Award: Loyalist

A loyal Grand Rapids Pride Center volunteer (including facilitators and board members) who goes above and beyond to serve without hesitation.

  • 2022: Adrienne Brown-Reasner
  • 2023: Lucy Dyer Joswick
Individual Award: Queer of the Year

A stand-out member of the 2-SLGBTQ+ community, this individual is focused on creating positive, sustainable change.

  • 2022: Eleanor Moreno
  • 2023: birdie duka tutambe
Group Award: Not-so-Small Impact

This non-profit/small business/grassroots organization has advocated for and improved the lives of 2-SLGBTQ+ community members.

  • 2022 – Malamiah Juice Bar
  • 2023 – GR Trans Foundation

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Be A part of Change

Be A part of Change