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ABOUT Therapy Assistance Program (TAP)

On average, Therapy Assistance Program (TAP) applicants typically have a one-month wait time between their application submission and their first appointment with their intended therapist. This timeframe is an average that accounts for provider selection, consent processes, and any scheduling difficulties, and may be longer or shorter in practice.

It is critical to know that TAP is not able to provide immediate support to those experiencing a mental health crisis and/or emergency. If you currently feel as though you may be a danger to yourself or to others, or are assisting someone who may be a danger to themself or to others, please contact the Forest View Hospital’s No-Cost 24/7 Assessment Line at 616-942-9610 or immediately go to your nearest hospital.
Because our process is a bit unique, let’s break it down.
STEP 1: Fill out the form below
To start, please complete the following application to the best of your knowledge. Many of the questions are optional, however, sharing information about what you are looking for from therapy will help us to connect you with the best possible therapist. If you feel comfortable, we ask that you share any and all information that you feel would be helpful and/or relevant.
STEP 2: Follow Up
Once your application is received, you will receive an email within 2-3 business days (in addition to any extenuating circumstances, such as office closure) from a Grand Rapids Pride Center staff member letting you know we got your application. At that time, the staff member will ask any necessary follow-up questions based on your application responses, and then provide you with a list of potential therapists that fall within your needs.
STEP 3: Find your Therapist
After reviewing these options, you will either select a therapist that you agree would be a good fit, or decline the presented options and discuss additional needs and/or preferences. The staff member will continue to provide as many available options as necessary to find the best match for your journey.
STEP 4: Confirmation
Once a provider has been selected, the staff member will contact the therapist’s’ office to confirm that the therapist is available and is taking new clients. The staff member will then provide the therapist with some internal paperwork regarding the program, and obtain participatory consent. This part of the process typically takes the most time, as provider response times will vary.
STEP 5: Congrats!
After consent has been obtained, a staff member from the Pride Center will reach out to you to confirm that your intended therapist is both available and ready to see you. You will then call, email, and/or chat directly with the therapist’s office to coordinate your first visit, exactly as any other client of that practice would. Congratulations!
STEP 6: Continued Help
After this point, the Pride Center is happy to provide additional support with intake paperwork, social and support groups, and other local resources to help aid you along your journey. Please note, it is your responsibility to keep track of how many sessions you have attended and how much of your financial support, if applicable, is remaining. The Pride Center will keep records of financial support usage when able, however, our organization is not liable for any costs associated with overuse of services. If you need additional financial assistance or wish to change programs or therapists at any time, please contact the Health Equity Team. We can be reached at or (616) 458-3511 ext. 104.

*There is an annual cap on services, per calendar year, due to funding limits and great need. Clients are strongly encouraged to reapply annually to continue to receive this support as needed.

*This program is also limited only to folks that live in West Michigan and will be accessing therapy in the state of Michigan.

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The Grand Rapids Pride Center has a partnership with multiple different affirming therapy offices and our Health Equity Team is happy to connect clients with available providers that would best meet their needs.
To obtain support, the first step is to fill out the TAP application below. If you need assistance with this paperwork or have any accessibility needs that must be met in order for you to complete this paperwork (such as screen-reading assistance or translation services), please contact the Health Equity Team. We can be reached at or (616) 458-3511 ext. 104.

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Be A part of Change