Two-Spirit Pride Flag


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Two-Spirit is an Indigenous North American identity that encompasses sexuality, gender, and/or spirituality. Two-Spirit is a broad concept that embraces homosexual/homoromantic affinity as well as a wide range of gender diversity, including those who are gay, lesbian, bi, trans, genderqueer, GNC, or have multiple gender identities in Western society.

There is no one agreed-upon two-spirit flag; however, tumbler user 2Sanon developed the most commonly seen two-spirit flag. They submitted it to ask-pride-color-schemes on December 17th, 2016. The circle denotes oneness in one, while the two feathers signify woman and man. It’s usually put over the LGBT rainbow flag, but it may also be draped over a transgender or nonbinary flag.

Flags are 3’x5′ polyester.